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Portfolio: Products
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Solid Surfaces Worktops/Counter Tops

A Low-maintenance material used in kitchens, bathrooms, reception counters and bar tops to mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials with seamless joint for bespoke tops to any requirements.

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Flat Bonding

Flat bonding is a core material of any thickness bonded either one side with a face laminate/veneer and balanced on the reverse with a laminate/veneer or bonded both sides in face laminate/veneer. Used in lift walls, boat cabin refurbishment and counter fronts.


Toilet Cubicles & IPS

We manufacture bespoke toilet cubicles, shower cubicles, lockers, vanity units, IPS panels sets used in the health sector, schools, colleges, campsites and commercial settings in a vast range of styles and designs.

Portfolio: Products
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